Supervision is for those who can stay upwind and would like to practice in a safe environment, your instructor will tell you if you are ready to rent or if you need more lessons. Supervised Equipment

Rental includes all the gear you need, Kite, Board, Helmet,booties, etc. You have a choice of any kite/board size depending on the wind conditions. When you rent the gear you will be Supervised by one of our Kite Assistants, who will help you launch and land and keep an eye on you from the beach. He will man the rescue boat if you get into difficulties and bring you back to shore.

Please note, all equipment is to be used at Playa Blanca and returned after every session. If you would like to take gear to another beach or hotel then we have a good selection of Equipment to buy in our store.

Equipment Rental is for Kiters who are IKO level 3k or are able to Kite independently know the safety systems and can ride upwind.

All supervised rentals are subject to terms and a deposit via a credit card swipe (not charged). You must have an autonomous level and be able to ride up wind to rent Kite Equipment

If you do not have an IKO Kiteboarders Card with Level 3k then a short assessment may be given and an IKO Certificate may be purchased.

About Us

Welcome to Kite Club Punta Cana, the first IKO Cetified Kite Boarding School in Punta Cana. Located on Playa Blanca in Punta Cana Resort it’s the perfect place for Kiteboarding lessons, with warm tropical blue waters and steady trade winds you will have a the perfect Kitesurfing vacation.

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